Cameron, W.Va. (WTRF) – Inside the halls of Cameron High School—a generation is coming of age.

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A generation raised on a constant flow of information and dissenting voices—and a generation better equipped than any of us to understand the future.

That’s what Senator Joe Manchin explained to 40 AP students at Cameron High School this morning in a Skype call.

That’s all you’ve ever known. You’ve grown up with all this access to information. And you will learn, and you have learned probably, how to decipher and handle it better than your parents, your grandparents or our generation. So it’s up to you all coming forth.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (D)-West Virginia

They were the only Northern Panhandle class to get the chance to ask a question, and senior Ian Bush was the one to talk on camera.

He asked Senator Manchin how he thought the recent withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan would affect the military in the coming years.

Ian says he was chosen after a class vote—and that he wanted to do it more than his peers.

A lot of us are coming to the voting age, so get his thoughts on current events at home and around the world is always a good thing.

Ian Bush, Cameron High School senior

Senator Manchin responded by giving his thoughts on the pullout, saying we stayed in the country too long and drifted from our original mission.

We do not nation build. We should not nation build. For many reasons, but mostly because we know it doesn’t work. And hasn’t worked.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (D)-West Virginia

He pointed out that it will lead to changes in international politics, and that those who sign up for service are signing up to keep those changes in check.

The senator feels that ‘God Bless America’ isn’t just a saying—it’s a truth that we have a special responsibility to the world.

I’m very much interested in seeing any signs that there are people raising their heads up thinking that we’re not the superpower of the world. Because I’ve got news for them, we still are.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (D)-West Virginia

Ian says the answer was about what he expected, but it was still a great experience to hear the thoughts of an American leader.

Because pretty soon—his generation will be deciding whether or not to check a box next to their name on a ballot.

I mean, they’re public officials, and we’re voting on them, and I think we should know what their feelings are on topics and why we should vote for them.

Ian Bush, Cameron High School senior