CAMERON, W.Va. (WTRF) – The excitement level was through the roof as Governor Jim Justice walked into Cameron Elementary School with Babydog.

Students lined up to pet the famous English Bulldog, who has been the face of the vaccination campaign known as “Do It For Babydog”.

Even though the governor brought the school a check for $50,000 for winning round three of the “Do It For Babydog Sweepstakes”, it was still Babydog herself who made the biggest impression.

Everybody understands this face right here and she’s just absolutely wonderful. But in that, when we started the ‘Do It For Babydog’ campaign, we have exceeded more than 300,000 West Virginians that have been vaccinated since we started that we didn’t have before. And so it worked.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

He said he wishes it was 600,000, but everyone has to make their own decision.

His visit came just after the Marshall County Health Department held a vaccination clinic at the school for anyone five years of age or above.

They got a moderate turnout, from young students at the school to senior citizens from the community.

The governor cited the daily numbers that are still a cause for concern.

We don’t want to accept that every day 20 to 100 West Virginians die. We don’t want to wear these masks forever. We want to get through this. And the vaccines give us time and protection to be able to get through this. And with this new variant coming out, others are just going to keep coming out.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

Students lined up to pet Babydog and adults took selfies with her.