A big event today in Salineville, Ohio.

Utica Energy Alliance hosted JD Vance and Congressman Bill Johnson, landowners, and industry experts for their… Unlease Ohio’s Natural Gas Tour.

It highlighted Ohio’s role as a key energy-producing state that creates economic opportunity, tax revenue, and jobs.

Congressman Johnson and JD Vance say this is a way to bring jobs back to Americans and to not be so dependent on other countries for important needs.

“Natural gas harvested right here in eastern and southeastern Ohio is a way to address climate change it’s a more cleaner, more efficient, and it create jobs here at home and it puts America at the head of the energy table globally.”

Congressman Bill Johnson – Marietta (R)

“If we allowed people to get the stuff out of the ground and get it to market we’d bring down prices for consumers we would make it easier for Americans to afford a decent life in their own home.

JD Vance – U.S. Senate Candidate

There was also a tour of a natural gas well pad and an electric generation facility that produces clean, U.S. natural gas to produce power.