WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-A taste of a gourmet burger could help area children’s dreams come true.

It’s through the Special Wish Foundation.

The next time you go to Vagabond Kitchen, you’ll notice something new on the menu. It’s called the “Benefit Burger”.

They do one every month, and this time around, this month’s “Benefit Burger” is “The Bigger Mac”. It’s a hand-crafted version of the America classic topped with a secret sauce. But as tasty as it sounds, it’s not created to bring people in for them, but to help them help a local charity out.

This month they picked a Special Wish Foundation.

“Well, obviously kids are super important to me, and I think, the holidays especially is a time we realize how important the little ones are in our lives and do something a little extra for me, even more so than the rest of the year.”

Matt Welsch, owner of Vagabond Kitchen

“I just want to thank Matt and his team here at Vagabond Kitchen. Being in a position like this, you see how wonderful our community is. They’re so generous and right away, they’ll step up. Everything they do means so much to us.”

Annmarie O’Grady, Special Wish Foundation

The Special Wish Foundation makes dreams of children facing life-threatening diseases a reality, and a portion of the sales from Vagabond’s “Benefit Burger” is helping one of those children out.

Next month, Vagabond says they’ll help out another charity.