A Wheeling attorney is among those seeking to become a W. Va. Supreme Court Justice

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) - Martin Sheehan has practiced law for 38 years, on both the prosecution and defense sides.

He was named one of the top criminal defense lawyers of West Virginia in 2015.

He has also been named a Super Lawyer, and he's an adjunct lecturer at WVU Law School.

"I started off as an assistant U.S. attorney and mostly that's as a federal prosecutor," Sheehan noted. "One of the cases I was involved in was the Paul Hankish prosecution. I didn't think there would be another bigger case so I left. I ended up handling some stuff for a client in the Blue Cross Blue Shield mess if you remember that. I've handled a number of homicides and similar cases."

He sometimes calls himself Martin "Red Shoes" Sheehan.

He says he bought red shoes a while back for his nephew's wedding, and he wears them occasionally.

His law firm, Sheehan and Nugent, is located in downtown Wheeling.

He says retired Justices Recht, Neely and McCusky have all written recommendation letters for him.

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