After setting the bar for public employees, some West Virginia educators get to celebrate

MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) - A local business said they won't forget the hard work of teachers and service personnel during the work stoppage in early 2018.

Herk Sparachane, with Undo's, said after feeding teachers and service personnel during the work stoppage, all these months later, it was time to celebrate.

You got to admire these people they stood in the cold and the rain and in some counties even in the snow. And they stood up for what they believe in and as you know the whole country was watching them as two to three other states followed their lead," Sparachane said.

He'd heard from teachers who are excited for the night at Benwood City Park.

"We're going to have some entertainment also, we're going to have Erin Huffman and some members of pocket change if you haven't heard them you should hear them. We're going to have free beer, we're going to have some finger food, appetizers, and we're just going to have a good time," Sparachane added.

The Carenbauer family donated beverages, Benwood officials donated the park, and the chief set up security so the night was fun for the whole family.

Sparachane said, "It isn't only Undo's that's supported these teachers, during the strike there was so many people that support them, and that's the Valley."

The party was for Marshall County teachers and staff with Ohio County on deck.

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