COLUMBUS (WCMH)–Guests at the Columbus Zoo now have the chance to see the newest baby giraffe. Dozens of people lined the fence to see the new calf emerge from the shelter.

The baby calf was born on June 28th to his mother Zuri and father, Enzi. They first bonded behind the scenes and are now exploring the feeding yard in the “Heart of Africa.”

“It’s very exciting for us,” said Columbus Zoo CEO and President, Tom Stalf. “Everyone wants to see what’s new at the zoo.” 

Stalf noted that babies are always great, and giraffe babies are even more special.

“Unfortunately the Masai giraffe is in trouble and if we can help by reproducing them here and moving to a different zoo eventually, it’s a great story.”

The Zoo participates in a species survival program that’s worldwide. It’s aimed at taking care of those endangered species, like the Masai giraffe.