Army mom surprises her 5th grader at Alabama school

HUNTSVILLE, Al. (WZDX) - A Huntsville, Alabama fifth grader got the surprise of a lifetime on Friday. 

His mom returned from her Amy deployment and showed up to class as his school mascot. 

Renata Di Gregorio from our affiliate station WZDX captured the tearful reunion. 

"My heart has been racing all morning. I have been so nervous," said Sergeant Desiree Lancey before surprising her son Kael. 

It's been a year since she's been able to hug her son. 

"It's hard being in the military, being away from them so much," she continued. "But seeing his face, that just initial when I walked in and I saw his face I couldn't breathe and I was so excited." 

Kael was so shocked, when asked how it felt to have his mom back, all he could say was "great" before giving her a big hug. 

"He's my world. Him and his sister are my world," Sergeant Lancey said. "His reaction was bigger than I thought it was going to be so that made it ever so bittersweet."

Now that Lancey's back from Kuwait for good, these two have some catching up to do, but first she will be surprising her daughter in Arizona next. 


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