It’s been more than two months since the Augusta Levy Learning Center lost its location in Sacred Heart Church due to a devastating fire. 

Now, it’s in a new, temporary space on the second floor above the Children’s Museum, right in the heart of downtown Wheeling. 

The organization says it is taking strides into the tech-age with this new space. 

“We learned a lot from the fire,” said Executive Director Angie Wood. “We learned that you really need some technology and not everything to be paper because a lot of it was destroyed. A lot of our records were destroyed in the fire.”

This new space more than doubles the center’s amount of accommodations. 

“The Martha Parlin trust has been absolutely amazing!,” Wood continued. “Computers, iPads, we have been able to get a curriculum for some of our students.  We’re actually gonna be putting our program on the iPads so every student will be able to do their programming.”  

Augusta Levy held an open house on Friday night for contributors, students and their parents to check out their new home.