It’s showtime in the All-American Town.

That’s what the members of the Big Reds Marching Band say before each performance.

According to fans, the slogan must be working, since the Big Reds put on an amazing show every week.

Second year band director Lara Cline said this group has come a long way in a short time. 

“They are a very hard working group. Anything I ask they will do,” Cline said.

“We worked really hard at band camp. We got a lot done in just three days,” added Libby McGuffin, senior band member. 

There are 40 members in this year’s band.

That includes 13 seniors and seven juniors.

Many of them stared as early seventh grade.

Several said that it’s a genuine love of music that made them want to join. 

“I just have a really great passion for music and it’s something that I have always loved ever since I was younger. There are a lot of musicians in my family It’s just something I have always loved,”  said Jessie Bocook, senior band member. 

This year’s band is more than just great music.

You can’t forget about the Red Line.  

The Red Line is a long-time tradition in the Bellaire band. 

This year, nine dance team members perform a flag routine.

“The Red Line Brings a sense of entertainment. It ties in with the music so when people watch the show they area actually sitting watching a show,” said Curtessa Ray, senior Red Line member. “

The halftime show is a high energy performance that features 80’s rock.

You’ll hear songs such as ” Crazy Train”, ” Dream On” by Aerosmith and ” Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.  

There is also a unique drum feature with Tanner Schmidili playing an actual drum set right on the field .

When he’s not playing with the band, Schmidili can be found jamming with other young musicians on Wednesday night at the Windmill, in Wheeling. 

“I’ve been a drummer since I was 6 years old and I’ve always looked up to it and been like ..Wow! That’s amazing,” said Tanner Schmidli, junior band member. 

Field Commander Rachel Richmond said being in the band is an experience she will never forget. 

“It’s your own little family and now that I’m a  senior I’m going to miss it a lot,” Richmond said.

The Big Reds will be taking their show on the road the next few weeks.

You can catch Friday Night in Rogers, Ohio when they take on Beaver Local.