On April 5, Belmont Community Hospital will be closing its doors after 105 years of serving the Ohio Valley community.

The hospital opened in 1914 under the name Bellaire City Hospital, and had its first expansion in 1956. In 1996, it was acquired by Wheeling Hospital, and today it employs 93 people. Wheeling Hospital will offer positions to those employees within its system when openings become available.

The health centers operated by B.C.H. in St. Clairsville, Bellaire, Shadyside, Colerain, Bridgeport and Powhatan Point will remain open.

In recent years, B.C.H. has attempted to vary the services it offers at the facility, but utilization still continued to decline. This, paired with a decline in population, different needs of patients and the need for specialized services has created a situation which cannot sustain B.C.H. in the long term.