Belmont County moving forward with missing persons investigation

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) - Joni Davis and Brian Goff have now been missing for four months.

Today Belmont County detectives tell 7News they are making some headway, using state of the art technology.

They declined to disclose details, but they say they expect to solve this case.

In the meantime, family members of the missing couple say it doesn't get any easier as time goes on.

"Every day at lunch I go--and I usually sit by myself--and the tears will roll every day," said Paul Newell, Jackie's fiance. "Just thinking about where they could be, what has happened to them. And I just pray."

"I think we're getting closer," said Jackie Davis, Joni's sister. "Belmont County, Jefferson County and the FBI are all working on the case. So I think with the FBI resources, hopefully they'll be able to do a lot more and hopefully we'll be able to bring an end to it sooner."

Davis, 55, and Goff, 64, of Belmont County, disappeared after leaving the St. Clairsville Pizza Hut on June 10.

They were last seen driving a blue 1990 Oldsmobile 88.

They left without their belongings, medicine, even their money.

They are believed to have met with foul play.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911.



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