While you might have enjoyed the holiday around the dinner table, not everyone could. But that did not stop restaurants in the Valley from stepping up to the plate.

Bob’s Lunch and Rachels on 16th did not let others go hungry.

“That’s what I want to do. I want people who don’t have anywhere to go to come and get a hot meal and enjoy Thanksgiving with us.”

Gary Workman, owner of Bob’s Lunch

“We’re giving out free Thanksgiving dinners for anyone who wants them. We really don’t care, doesn’t matter. If you want a meal, come get it.”

Jeramie Alvarado, Owner of Rachel’s on 16th

It’s tradition for both. It’s the 11th year of free Thanksgiving meals for Bob’s Lunch and the third for Rache’ls on 16th.

Even though Rachel’s on 16th hasn’t been around as long, it’s quickly grown.

“First year: We were waiting for people to get here. Second year: They were trickling in. This year: We have a lot. So, we love it. This is great.”

Jeramie Alvarado, Owner of Rachel’s on 16th

There are around 200 people who’ve walked through their doors this year. That’s gone up since their first year when they fed 50. They also have more food to offer, from four turkeys the first year to now nine.

“You get turkey. You get stuffing. You get mashed potatoes. You get greens beans… with some gravy on it… some water, a dessert, a roll, and some butter, and there you go.”

Jeramie Alvarado, Owner of Rachel’s on 16th

This restaurant in Wheeling gave all that out for free, and a town away, Bob’s Lunch has done the same thing.

This year they gave away 300 meals.

“They’re all happy. They’re happy we do this.”

Gary Workman, owner of Bob’s Lunch

Like Rachel’s on 16th, Bob’s Lunch’s Thanksgiving meal is all free. Due to COVID, they took away dining in on Thanksgiving Day, but that didn’t stop Bob’s Lunch from helping. They just switched to take out.

And despite that change, the owner of Bob’s Lunch can always count on making everyone’s day year after year.

“Oh. It’s wonderful. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Gary Workman, owner of Bob’s Lunch