BRILLIANT, Ohio (WTRF) We’re in the final days of September and certain groups in the community consider it crunch time to honor this month.

Why? Because September is National Recovery Month.

Booths were set up in Brilliant, Ohio, a recovery event put on by Brilliant Treatment Services. Narcan distribution, the Family Resource Network and other recovery groups set up to remove stigmas in our community.

One of the more intriguing tables was the Sober Support Grid; an online networking group with more than 300,000 members on the app.

Support is need 24/7 hours a day. People can go through whatever it is triggering them late at night.
That’s where Sober Grid is filling that gap; that continuum of care outside of the normal 8AM to 5PM hours.

Joshua Clemons, Implementation Manager, Sober Grid

The Sober Grid also includes peer recovery support anytime of the day at the palm of your hand.

It is something that they wake up and a person will have to deal with every single day of their life. But, I think it’s important for them to know that we’re here and that we support them no matter what stage of the recovery efforts they are at.

Michelle Norman, Executive Director, Brilliant Treatment Services

This is just one of the many routes offered through groups like this in our community.