WHEELING W.VA. – (WTRF) A seven-year-long partnership has utilized one professional football team’s success to uniquely help families in need.  

The law firm of Bordas & Bordas’ “Sacks for Kids” program will have you rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers in no time.  

Their partnership with the Steelers benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The firm donates $500 to Ronald McDonald House for every sack made by the Steelers defense each year.  

Jamie Bordas, Managing Partner of Bordas & Bordas says community is one of their core values, and they plan to never steer away from that.  

Over those seven years, we’ve been able to donate over $200,000 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. You know, we wanted to do something that partnered with the Steelers that would benefit the community and so many people throughout the region have to stay at Ronald McDonald House when they have a child in the hospital.

It allows them to be close to that child, have a place to sleep, be able to get a meal, it provides them with some benefit of comfort when they’re going through a very difficult time.

Jamie Bordas, Managing Partner of Bordas & Bordas

Families in need should focus on the wellbeing of their child, rather than where to stay and how much it costs.

The Ronald McDonald House often provides housing and food at little or no cost. 

Bordas says it makes the game even more exciting to watch, knowing their success could very well change a family’s life.  

He says this year was no exception.  

The Steelers have done so well on defense during this time in terms of getting sacks. Again, this year leading the league in sacks, T.J. Watt tied the NFL record for most sacks in a season so with 67 sacks this year in the pre-season, regular season, and post season. That was another $33,500 that we were able to contribute this year.

Jamie Bordas, Managing Partner of Bordas & Bordas

Bordas says in addition to their donations, this year they were able to host a family at each Steelers home game. 

That way families could enjoy a little fun together.  

He says they hope the “Sacks for Kids” program not only makes a difference in these people’s lives but also inspires others to give back as well.