Brothers traveling the world by trading t-shirts make stop in Marshall County

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) - The  West Virginia Penitentiary had some very special visitors on Saturday evening. 

Three Dutch Brothers who call themselves "Birthdaysuit"  are on a trip from Canada to Panama and on their way they're trying to see every state in the United States. 

Here's the catch, they're doing so without any money. 

They start each trip naked, in their "birthday suits", with a few hundred t-shirts and trade those shirts for food, places to stay and rides. 

Six weeks ago they were dropped off in Calgary, Alberta and eventually made their way to Marshall County, West Virginia. 

"We went all the way to the coast of Vancouver, then we went down to California and back up," said middle brother Maurice Baltissen. "We go up and down to see every state. We consider the states as kind of countries." 

The brother's goal is to visit all 50 states. 

This is their third trip. The first was in 2013 when the brothers traveled from Portugal to China by trading what they had. They took another trip in 2015 from Chile to Panama and have been to more than 60 countries. 

"Everywhere where we go we see different people, different religions, different habits and I think that's really beautiful to experience," Baltissen said. "It gives you a lot of life experience. People they open photo albums, teach us about the history of their country, how life was when they were kids." 

Eventually they plan to go to Southeast Asia and Africa. 

While in the Ohio Valley they've been offered a zip lining experience and will also tour the Grave Creek Mound. 

So how did the brothers come up with this travel plan? It stated when they were children. 

"When we grew up, our clothes became small for us,' Baltissen explained. My mother always took those clothes away and she sent them to poor countries in the world and we though it was fascinating because that means that somewhere on the other side of the world there's a little guy walking around in my clothes." 

Baltissen said he and his brothers would watch TV in hopes of seeing children wearing their hand-me-down clothes. 

They'd like to give away enough of their t-shirts with the "Birthdaysuit" logo that someday they'll turn on the TV and see someone wearing their shirt. 

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