Get a 'smooch from a pooch' at the Marshall County Animal Shelter

MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) - The Marshall County Animal Shelter is putting a new spin on getting a Valentine's kiss.

Instead of kissing your significant other, they are hoping you'll come out and get a smooch from a pooch.

One of their adopters actually made the 'kissing booth' and the idea was to help raise money for the shelter.

Anyone can come during business hours until Friday, where they can pick from the group of dogs they have and you'll get your photo taken which will be featured on their Facebook page.

All you have to do is pay one dollar.

"They love it. All the pictures are great. The dogs just jumping on every buddy, kissing them. They get all the attention so yeah they are enjoying it too," said Marshall County Animal Shelter Director Lauren Cook.

So far they have raised $68.

She also said they have big plans for the booth and they are going to use it for many fundraisers throughout the year.

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