The Ohio Valley is about to experience a dangerous heat wave Wednesday.

The ‘feel like’ temperatures are soaring into the triple digits tomorrow, and people without power will have to find a way to cool off, and staying home may not be your best option.

You may want to think about a cooling shelter, and there’s one at the Grace Presbyterian Church.

“It’s nice and cool here. I made sure of it myself.”

pastor Paul Todd

Paul Todd is a pastor at the Grace Presbyterian Church, but he’s also running a cooling shelter inside. Todd says it’s air conditioned. It also has plenty of room for 50 people and even more space next door.

“There’s plenty and the more, the merrier for anyone who needs it.”

pastor Paul Todd

While you and your family cools off inside, there is a lot to do just to pass the time… anything from a pool table, foosball, and air hockey.

“And we have coffee, cold drinks, anything you would need. It’s a nice place to come by. We’ve got all kinds of games and things you can play here to pass the time if you’d like. We just want you to have a place… a safe place for you to stay.”

pastor Paul Todd

Todd hopes anyone who needs it stops in, but this isn’t the only cooling shelter around town. There are several in Belmont County, and there will be even more set up in the city of Wheeling.

Mayor Glenn Elliott has posted on Facebook, saying, “many portions of the city will remain without power through tomorrow, when temperatures are expected to be high. We are in the process of coordinating local cooling shelters for people to get out of the heat.”

The heat advisory is expected to go in effect from 11 am to 9 pm tomorrow.