WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-We’ve watched this man become a music legend in the valley, and now ‘The Wheeling Cat’ is strumming away at least one more time.

“We’re friends, and we worked together a lot of times. It’s really great.”

Slim Lehart, Country Music legend

James Rizor in the audience is a fan and close friend. He’s seen Slim Lehart play many times before.

“Slim doesn’t change that much. He does a wonderful job, he really does.”

James Rizor, friend of Slim

This group and many others in the Valley have watched Lehart become the legend he is.

Not only does Lehart have his own star at the Capitol Theatre, but Mayor Glenn Elliott named the day… April 7th, 2020 after him.

He’s also performed on the stage of the Capitol Theatre for decades and was a member of Jamboree USA.

Along the way, Lehart’s jammed out in front of country music fans all along the East Coast, including Canada, and even overseas in England, but one night in Nashville is often on his mind.

That night in 1966, one of the biggest stars in country music opened for him.

“I though, ‘boy, there’s nothing better than this. Broadway at midnight, Nashsville, signing autographs with Johnny Cash.’ That gave me a lot of courage because I just followed the biggest guy at that time in country music.”

Slim Lehart, Country Music legend

Years later, Lehart continues to perform when he can, and has nothing but his fans to thank for everything.

“They stayed with me through the thick and thin. I just thank them so much. They made me who I was.”

Slim Lehart, Country Music legend