BELMONT COUNTY, OH (WTRF) — If you’re a fan of Eastern European cooking, you can save the air-fare and just head to Bellaire.

A newly opened business is bringing one of its most popular dishes right to your dinner table.

For the Love of Pierogies let 7NEWS in on a little secret of what it takes to make a truly authentic Ukrainian style pierogie.

You need to put your love into pierogies and it’s going to taste much better.

Iryna Bandura. Co-owner. For the Love of Pierogies

According to Bonnie Vetanzie and Iryna Bandura, that’s the secret ingredient that sets their pierogies apart from all the others… that and Iryna’s grandmothers special sauce.

So everyone has the different traditions and people come from different parts of world. We are making pierogies with my grandma’s recipes and they last unbelievable because they are made with love. That’s why we have “For the Love of Pierogies.”

Iryna Bandura

Iryna come from a small village in the Ukraine. She met Bonnie and they started the business, working out of the kitchen in Bonnie’s home.

It didn’t take long before they outgrew that location and looked to expand. They found the perfect spot on Belmont Street in Bellaire.

We came in with Lori Vinka, The owner of Lil Gerado’s Pizza. best pizza in the valley. Walked in here and knew it was exactly what we wanted. An open space where we could have our production line and kitchen in the back.

Bonnie Vetanze. Co-owner, For the Love of Pierogies

The extra space is much needed because making pierogies is not an easy task.
They make each one entirely from scratch using only the best ingredients available.

“That’s why people who have eaten them all their lives come to us because they know the work it takes to make perogies all day long,” said Vetanzie. “We had peel all of our potatoes and that’s unbelievable because hundreds and hundreds of pounds a day, we mix all of our own ingredients, we use only the best stuff.”

They have a wide range of filling, really just about any thing you would want including: “You can add potatoes, potatoes and cheese, potatoes and sauerkraut and we have potato and onion too,” said Bandura.

There are also dessert pierogies with blueberries or strawberries.

They have partnered exclusively with State Meats in Parma Ohio. That business has been a staple in the Cleveland area for over 40 years. .

They have three types of their world famous kielbasa on hand, just in time for Easter.

Although For the Love of Pierogies is not a full service restaurant, the have a wide range of products that you can have ready in your own home in a matter of minutes.

Bonnie and Iryna say they are proud to bring the Eastern European Culture to the Ohio Valley.

“For the Love of Pierogies” is located at 391 Belmont Street in Bellaire.
They’re open Monday through Friday from 10 to 6.