WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– To honor the memory of our beloved Chief Meteorologist Dr. Dave Walker, a tree was planted on Wheeling Island on Saturday morning.

Friends, family, and community members gathered at Madison Elementary School for the memorial service. 

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Reverend Chap Holbert led the ceremony with a prayer and a tribute to Dr. Dave’s life.  

Dr. Dave retired from 7News in September of 2021 and passed away shortly after that in November at the age of 68. 

7News reporter D.K. Wright helped organize the event and spoke with his wife, Lulu.

Doctor Dave Walker wasn’t just our colleague. He was our dear friend and he loved nature. He loved the garden, and he would have loved this tree. But most of all, he loved Lulu Walker, his wife. Lulu what are your thoughts today?

D.K. Wright, 7News Reporter 

I just give all the glory to God because these angels made everything, it was a dream for me. I couldn’t… even be here, it’s like God sent me here…. All the people. This is just for the glory of God, and Dave would be just watching here and would be delighted.

LuLu Walker, Dr. Dave’s Wife 

His love for gardening is reflected in this tree.

It will live on to grow and spread knowledge to those who admire it. 

His legacy will never be forgotten.  

From the whole WTRF family:

Dr. Dave, your contribution to the community, your faith and kindness, and your love of nature and weather will always be cherished.