Each year one family wishes for NO SNOW on Christmas


It makes sense when you find out his job.

AVON, CT (WTRF) — We have all been dreaming of a white Christmas. And if you think about it, who doesn’t want snow on Christmas day? Well, 7NEWS heard that one family, all the way in New England, wishes for just that: No snow!

“This is where it all starts,” said Scott Gauthier. “Right here. So, this is our facility. We have eleven plow routes.”

Scott Gauthier works for the town of Avon, Connecticut as a snowplow driver. He’s spent 21 winters making sure the white stuff stays off the roads. 

February, 2012, I can remember. That was probably one of the worst storms we got where we had 27 inches.

Scott Gauthier, Snowplow driver

It’s assumed you’ll get heavy snowfall throughout a New England winter, but it’s a game of roulette when it comes to Christmas. 

Scott says it is all part of the job.

Our goal is to keep people safe heading to their holiday parties. So, timing is everything. If it snows on a holiday, we have to be there. We’ve been out at Thanksgiving. 

Scott Gauthier, Snowplow driver

It has become a tradition that at the family Christmas party, people will cast predictions on whether Scott will be able to make it for the next year.

If it snows, he’s not around for the family. He would miss the parties, watching the children open presents in the morning.

Kathleen Gauthier, Scott’s wife

We would always have to open them up without my father. But, as a kid you’re so excited, you can’t wait a full day!

Mitchell Gauthier, Scott’s son

Scott has missed a couple Christmases and been late to a few. But one year, well, call it Christmas magic. The weather held off just long enough. 

“There was one storm where we woke up at 6:30. The kids got to open presents,” said Scott. “And then the phone rang at 10:07. So, I got to see them, and I said ‘Okay, I’ll see you guys later on.'”

Everybody has a sacrifice they have to make and I think he’s done it very well supporting our town.

I’m looking forward to some day when he’s no longer working and we can retire and enjoy our Christmas with our families and not have to worry about whether it snows on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

Kathleen Gauthier, Scott’s wife

Kathleen thinks 7NEWS’ interview jinxed her bet. While the Ohio Valley is not slated to have a white Christmas, Scott was called into work Christmas Eve morning at 1 a.m. as Connecticut is seeing about 2 inches of snow. Freezing rain is expected for the early hours of Christmas morning. So, it unfortunately looks like it will be a white Christmas for the Gauthiers.

But, Scott’s message goes beyond the town of Avon. He says to anyone who might find themselves stuck behind a snowplow in the coming winter, have patience. They are there to keep you safe. 

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