Donation helps John Marshall seniors continue class tradition

MOUNDSVILLE, W. Va. (WTRF) - Some students are very anxious and excited to head back to the classroom, but this weekend it was the seniors at John Marshall High School that were very excited to get to the parking lot for the traditional senior student parking lot paint. 

This did cost seniors $10 to participate, but the project was set back due to some unforeseen weather conditions on Saturday that washed away the paint. 

The UWUA Local 492 Mitchell Plant stepped in and donated $500 to the seniors project, leading school officials to give the students back their $10 fee and help buy some new paint. 

Students were ready to go again on Sunday and are excited to complete the project.

School officials are thrilled this is turning into a community event

"People like to come down to the parking lot and check out their artwork," said John Marshall High School Assistant Principal Casey Storm. "Some of their designs are amazing. We have some very artistic kids that exceeded our expectations and that is something we didn't expect. We actually have people asking when are they going to paint  again. We want to come down and check it out."

"Senior year is really exciting and its just a great start start to the year to have something so personalized," said senior Kailey Filben. "It's really great to have a parking space that we don't have to fight for." 

"My parking space is an inside joke with my physics teacher I can't wait to show him when he gets here," said senior Luke Utt. 

School officials are accommodating around students' schedules so everyone has a chance to paint. 

The entire project is expected to wrap-up over Labor Day weekend. 

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