BETHLEHEM, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s time to take a breath.

Whether you’re still feeling the afterglow of Christmas or you’re just getting through, the baggage of 2022 is about to be left behind.

And while the changing of the clock can’t solve all our problems…it can be the time we decide to confront the things that keep us up at night.

Wheeling author and inspirational speaker Sherrie Dunlevy understands the power of a new beginning firsthand.

I lost my son in 1999, and fed into all the myths that this is as good as it gets, you’ll always carry your grief with you.

Sherrie Dunlevy, Founder, Graduating Grief

But she realized it didn’t have to be that way.

Thirteen years after his passing, she met with a grief coach, an experience she says gave her her life back.

And realized that you can heal from it, and you can live a wonderful life, and you don’t have to just survive your grief, you can thrive.

Sherrie Dunlevy, Founder, Graduating Grief

That’s why she found her calling in helping others find that comfort for themselves, through her course called the Graduating Grief Academy.

Those in the eight-week Healing Journey program begin and graduate with each other, with Dunlevy guiding them through their individual path out of suffering.

That involves learning to live in the present—and finding a life after the grief.

What’s important in my life, how do I want to reorganize it, who’s going to be there, who’s not going to be there.

Sherrie Dunlevy, Founder, Graduating Grief

She describes the pain of losing someone as waves of emotion that crash over you—but eventually they’ll roll out to sea.

You can acknowledge the loss while also seeing the rewards that still lie ahead in life.

And to help you transform that into saying, you know, I do want to live, and I do want to live well, and I want to honor that person as I live.

Sherrie Dunlevy, Founder, Graduating Grief

A choice to let despair be washed away by the promise of 2023 and the
brighter days to come.

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