WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF)-It’s National Donut Day, which means it’s the perfect excuse to get a bite of your favorite donut!

That’s why one charity in Wheeling made today extra sweet earlier today.

The Salvation Army had a truck loaded up with 35 dozens of donuts in Wheeling. They had a delicious selection, anywhere from Long Johns, strawberry, vanilla, glazed, and many more. They gave them all out, and the best part is: It was all free!

The charity did the same thing in Moundsville too.

So, if you haven’t yet, the charity encourages all donate lovers, young and old, to splurge on the sweet treat.

“So, if you’re at work, and you can’t make it out to our free donut stands, please just go out to your local bakery, support even our Walmart’s Krogers, they all have donuts today. They made extra today. Enjoy a donut just in honor of the day.”

Jennifer Van Meter, Salvation Army

National Donut Day, ironically enough, actually originated with The Salvation Army. The charity used to provide donuts to troops to boost morale during World War One, and more than a hundred years later, they carry on that tradition by passing it out to people in the community.

They also delivered the sweet treat to community workers, including the fire department, police stations, and the Sheriff’s office.