“He said we weren’t forgotten…” crowds protested outside Trump’s rally lastnight


Dozens of Peaceful protestors were lining the streets with signs trying to get their message across.

Some of the protestors were with organizations such as Marchers Ohio Valley Empowered also know as MOVE and UAW Members along with others that just want to be heard.

Martha Starkey said even though there are more jobs in the country, she’s worried they are not living wage jobs.

“That concerns me that most of the job openings that I see are are either restaurants or department stores,” said MOVE Member, Peaceful Protestor, Martha Starkey. “They’re not jobs that someone can take care of a family.”

Kala Babu said she is expressing her first amendment  right and wants people to think long and hard about who they put in office.

“These people standing in line think that they are supporting a President that supports them and he doesn’t and I feel really, more then anything just sad because it’s people who don’t know that they aren’t voting in their best interest and that can only be remedied with love and public education,” said Babu.

Other people just want their jobs back and believe  President has done nothing to help them.

“We’re out here today you know kind of trying to get Trumps attention about what’s going on in out community,” UAW Member, Peaceful Protestor, Rochelle Carlisle. We’re laid off employees from General Motors in Lordstown and you know we are trying to stand up and get out jobs back and see what’s going on. He said we weren’t forgotten but we all feel pretty forgotten over in Lordstown.”

“And we just want you know if there is something President Trump can do, if he can sign some type of order to where it helps us get our jobs back and quit off shoring and quit losing jobs to over seas hen ill be very grateful,” said UAW Member, Peaceful Protestor, Tommy Wolikow.

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