An estimated $5,000 was raised on Saturday for the Augusta Levy Leaning Center through the Maxwell Q. Klinger Special 500 hosted by Hoagy’s Heroes .

The event consisted of 13 bike riders who began their 500 mile journey at Hoagy’s Haven in Glen Dale.

They then traveled to Klinger’s favorite restaurant, Tony Packo’s Cafe in Toledo, and then back to the Haven.

In the end, the total travel time was estimated to be about 10 hours, bringing the riders back in just enough time for dinner and an awards ceremony.

In order to raise money, donations were made through pledges for the riders. 

If you would like to donate, Hoagy’s Heroes is still accepting donations. 

“If somebody still wants to donate,  we have a donate button on PayPal, on Hoagies Heroes,” said Robert “Hoagy” Carmichael, the founder and president of Hoagy’s Heroes. “We also have a donate button on our Hoagies Heroes Inc. Facebook Page. Mail a check 315 4th Street Glendale, West Virginia. That’s Hoagies Hereos.

Hoagy said that 100 percent of the profits made from pledges goes straight to the organizations benefits.

For more information, visit the Hoagy’s Heroes website at, or check them out on Facebook