Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – Before you prepare your Thanksgiving meal — listen up!

It’s common to come across fats, oils, and grease while cooking.

But Wheeling city officials warn your cooking could turn into a clogging disaster if you aren’t careful.

To avoid this, officials say scrape food scraps into the trash — *not* the sink.

It’s also good to dispose of used cooking oil properly.

This means putting it into its container once it cooled off.

You could also pour greasy and oily waste into a container and throw it away.  

Officials say this isn’t just good for you, but for the whole city.

The biggest problem we have is raw sewage back up. That’s a health concern. That’s a huge health concern, and the other problem is you have the clean up costs, and that gets expensive.”

Mike Chiazza, City of Wheeling FOG Coordinator

Officials says managing a plumbing or sewer backup is expensive.

It costs Wheeling more than $100,000 a year to clean grease out of sewer lines.