WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Sunday marked the start of Hannukah in the Jewish faith and it will run for eight nights until Monday, December 26. 

Hanukkah means “rededication” in Hebrew, and the celebration is a commemoration of the victory of a group of Jewish rebels against the Greek kingdom, and good prevailing over a tyranny for religious freedom. 

During this time in people’s homes, Jews display and light the menorah, which consists of eight candles to light on each day of the celebration. 

Rabbi Joshua Lief says that light displays during the holiday season pay homage to being proud of being Jewish. 

”The message of Hannukah still very much rings true today. The idea that it’s not the task of a minority to convince the majority to change. Rather, as a tiny minority group, we just want the right to be able to keep being ourselves and the more we value each other, the richer our world becomes.”

Rabbi Joshua Lief – Temple Shalom, Wheeling

As families are celebrating in their home this week, Rabbi Lief at Temple Shalom will be hosting a virtual meeting to light their menorahs together, as well as their traditional Friday evening service where congregates will bring their menorahs to be lit together followed by a symbolic Hannukah meal.