Dazzling lights and Christmas joy at Monroe County Christmas display


CAMERON, Ohio – (WTRF) Magnificent, brilliant, majestic…these are all words that would best describe a Christmas lights display in Monroe County. 

One resident is making Christmas even more magical because of a holiday tradition that he created many moons ago. 

People come from far and near to the see the Christmas lights on Sunfish Creek Road and like everybody else, I couldn’t resist to get my picture taken at the photo booth.

A photo booth, plenty of Christmas songs and lights…lots and lots of bright lights. 

“I love seeing the pictures of the little kids enjoying it and if I am tagged with a picture I keep them all.” 

Heidi Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

Heidi Pfalzgraf is referring to the hundreds of passersby, like Jasmine and Scott Hadley of New Martinsville, who bring their two little ones to see the Christmas lights at her house.  

“Emory loves the lights. He loves the music and this is Maddox’s first Christmas. We’ve been taking them around to see the lights.”

Jasmine Hadley, New Martinsville resident

“I just like all of the different colors. The house is by far my favorite. That is just like a wall of light.” 

Scott Hadley, New Martinsville resident

Meet Heidi’s husband, Kris, who is River Elementary School’s gym teacher and a master when it comes to hanging Christmas lights. 

Kris starts in September hanging the strands so he can bring the brightest Christmas lights display to all of Monroe County. 

“To stand in front of my house and to see the 56,000 that’s just on the house this year. I do twice as much as Clark W. Griswold and it’s pretty impressive to see.” 

Kris Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

“It all started with our son. He’s 19 and has autism. He loves lights and music, and it has slowly grown. My husband has a little bit of Chevy Chase in him and has to go big or go home. Now we’re at 110,000 lights.” 

Heidi Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

“He wanted to see lights out the window, so I just kept getting bigger and bigger and then the community got involved. People started driving by and then I realized how special it was for other people to come to see Christmas lights.” 

Kris Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

Their daughter Karson, who is 16, is impressed by her father’s fine dazzling display.

Karson doesn’t remember a house without lights. 

“I can’t picture Christmas without these lights, and it just makes me really happy to know that it brings a lot of joy to other people.” 

Karson Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

 I asked Kris, “I have to ask you. How do you sleep at night?” 

Kris replies, “Of course we do. We turn them off at 11 o’clock.” 

Then I asked him, “What is your electric bill?” 

Kris goes on to say, “It is usually about a 700 dollar increase in the month of December.” 

Then I asked him, “And how many lights did you say you have again?” 

Kris responded with a chuckle, “I have 110,000 lights on the whole property, which is 98 acres, which I haven’t filled yet. There’s just 56,000 on the house by itself.”  

I had to ask, “So I guess you’re trying to one up yourself each and every year?”

He said, “Yes, that’s the goal. I want to go at least to 113,000.” 

Pfalzgraf has been outdoing himself for the last 18 years and what started out as some lights here and some lights there has now moved to his barn, his hog pen plus 55 of his trees on the property.

This huge holiday display can be described as the magic that happens under some Christmas lights mistletoe for many more years to come. 

“You can definitely come here for free with your children and enjoy the lights and music and get out of your car, walk around if you would like or just drive by on your way home from work.” 

Heidi Pfalzgraf, Cameron resident

 You can catch the Monroe County biggest lights display between 5 and 11 nightly. 

The house is at 46722 Sunfish Creek Road in Cameron, Ohio.

The display will be remain up for all to see until January 1st. 

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