WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s a long standing tradition at one local church, as over one hundred Wheeling area residents were able to receive a free meal.

St Luke’s Episcopal Church on Wheeling Island held their annual Christmas Day Dinner earlier today. Nearly thirty volunteers worked long hours throughout the week so that anyone who might be alone or in need would have a holiday meal.

This years event was organized by Rick Daugherty of Wheeling, while Thomas McCardle, who is the the main chef at River City Restaurant served as cook. Volunteers say they are happy to give their time to help those in need.

Don’t stuff the stockings with lottery tickets

To give back. To help people that are in need. That I could help them.

David Kondrach – Volunteer

Because we are in a house of worship and we see ourselves volunteering for the greater good. We know that we are marrying the spirit of the holiday season.

Elissa Gross – Community Volunteer

I like to help people in the community and cook. I love to cook and bring around people that are in need of things.

Thomas MCardle – Chef River City

All of the food was donated by various businesses or individuals. Some of today’s menu items included: baked ham, turkey, sweet potatoes and perogies.
Desert items and beverages were also served.