WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — We’re all looking forward to the family dinners and chocolate eggs this Easter Sunday.

But for Christians…the lead-up to the holiday has been 40 days in the making.

It began with the start of Lent in February and throughout all that time, they’ve been reflecting, sacrificing and fasting to prepare for the day when Jesus Christ conquered death.

We’re currently in Good Friday, the second day of what is referred to as the Triduum.

At St. Michael in Wheeling and in Catholic churches worldwide, it’s a solemn day to remember the sacrifice of Jesus’s crucifixion.

Father Carlos Melocoton says the somber mood at these churches represents the darkness of the tomb.

So the meditations during this day are very powerful for us Catholics to really look at, we seldom see the narrative of His death. So Good Friday gives us an opportunity to really look at the personhood of Jesus Christ, His humanity, who died for us on the cross.

Fr. Carlos Melocoton, St. Michael Parish

Earlier today, St. Michael parishioners walked the Stations of the Cross—images surrounding the chapel telling the Passion story.

Tomorrow is known as Easter Vigil, where the service will begin with a candle carried into the church—symbolizing the triumph of God’s light over darkness.