(WTRF) – Chances are if you went Black Friday shopping you found the perfect present for someone on your list. Now, all that’s left is to wrap it and get it to them. 

If that involves mailing it somewhere, there’s a few important dates to keep in mind because nothing can ruin the holiday like a package not getting there on time. 

You’ve heard about supply chain issues and shipping delays but both the United States Postal Service and UPS say they’re ready for the holiday rush. 

The postal service has been working to hire additional staffing for the peak season. We have installed additional package sorting equipment throughout the country, leased additional facility space to handle the volume of packages, we are ready to deliver the holidays for our customers this year.

Susan Wright, Spokesperson, USPS of West Virginia

Even as ready as they are to ensure the gifts and cards make it safely to their destinations, they are asking for a little bit of help. 

Shopping early, shipping early and allowing us to deliver early for you is going to be the best recipe for success this year.

Nakeya Shelton, President of Enterprise Sales, UPS

There are a few deadlines to follow. 

Here are the dates for the post office:

  • December 17 for First-Class Mail Service and cards
  • December 18 for Priority Mail
  • December 23 for Priority Mail Express

However, the ultimate procrastinators who use Priority Mail Express will pay a premium for the service.

We’re anticipating that we will process and deliver 850 million to 950 million packages alone through the postal service.

Susan Wright, Spokesperson, USPS of West Virginia

If you’d like to ship UPS, they have deadlines too. 

  • December 21 for Three-Day Select
  • December 22 for 2nd Day Air
  • December 21 for Next Day Air

No matter how you ship, remember to package items securely so that they arrive in one piece.

Proper boxing, cushioning, taping and the appropriate address or correct address is so important.

Nakeya Shelton, President of Enterprise Sales, UPS

Do the shopping, mark those calendars, and get to the post office or UPS store on time.

Both shipping outlets have online resources you can check out as you get ready to mail.

Visit usps.com for post office details.

They also offer helpful tips on packaging items safely on their YouTube channel.

Go to ups.com for details on shipping with UPS.