ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and unlike the story goes through the house, there was much stirring at the Ohio Valley Mall as shoppers gather those last-minute gifts to make for the perfect holiday weekend. 

”Procrastination, you know. Everybody waits until the last minute to get their gifts and then something else might pop into our head and you’re like ‘You know what, this special someone might absolutely love it.’ So, I’m out here picking up some things and I should have gotten it a couple months ago, but here we are on Christmas Eve.”

Seth Nardo – Shadyside

With below freezing temperatures, and a wrench thrown in travel plans, some didn’t have any other option. 

Don’t stuff the stockings with lottery tickets

“I’m doing all of the last-minute shopping because we were supposed to go out of town yesterday and because of the weather we got delayed,” said Sara who was a Christmas Eve shopper at the mall. “Normally, I have everything done, everything is set, we kind of relax Christmas Eve, and then usually we’ll order pizza or something the night before and watch Christmas movies and then go to bed. This year I’m doing all the hurry up last minute, get everything and it was just crazy. The weather is the reason.”

Some just enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, like Cindy.

”I like to come out on Christmas Eve and watch everybody else running around.”

Cindy Dalto – West Bellaire

But, amongst the chaos – holiday traditions in the Ohio Valley live on through the good times and bad. 

”What I usually do is wrap Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve and have a glass of wine and watch a Christmas movie.”

Cindy Dalto – West Bellaire

”I do get my friends together and we all bake some cookies and I think that’s kind of cool. Especially it ties people together, and the holidays is supposed to be a happy, lovey time and I just try to bring as much positivity as we can together.”

Seth Nardo – Shadyside