From Tyler County to Jefferson County, firefighters to aspiring officers, 25 stories of men and women who put their community first.

It all started with Spartan the only giant schnauzer on the road in West Virginia fighting drugs in Marshall County.

From there I’ve met dozens of incredible men and women like the Subasics working together in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Volunteer Firefighter, Kristin Subasic said, “I’ve always known I wanted to do this.”

 Trooper Chase Watts traveling across the state of Ohio with his original program showing kids another side of law enforcement.

I’ve spoken with resource officers Sergeant Roe and Corporal Haglock, aspiring officers like Jacob Plants.

High school students choosing to head straight from the classroom to the fire house training as real firefighters.

Short Creek Joint Fire Department, Fire Explorer, Ethan Toto said, “Nowhere else around here you really get to do as much as we do.”

Even Ohio Valley native, Patrick Schrodes shot in the line of duty in Columbus.

15 police officers from Chiefs to Detectives 12 firemen from EMTS to retired. 

I even had the opportunity to spend time with Gray Nagy and Noel Clarke watching them do what they loved most before they passed.

And behind every one of these stories, every badge, every dangerous call, and every night away from family.

New Martinsville Police Department, Chief Tim Cecil said, “My wife, she has to deal with a lot of the stuff that I come home with, I’ve got real good backing from my family.”

All of them tell me putting their lives on the line for the Ohio Valley is just another day at work.

Sistersville Police Department, Chief Rob Haught said, “I can’t help all those other people, but I can help the people in my community.”

New Martinsville Police Department, Patrolman Jason Utt said, “We’re not out here to arrest everybody day in and day out, it’s making a difference in someone’s life, and possibly saving a life.”

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