A Wetzel County native protecting his friends and family in Sistersville for over 20 years said his small community is actually the reason for his success.

Inside the doors of the Sistersville City building the 4 officers protecting the streets operate as equals.

He’s not just the chief or just a K9 officer he’s a member of the mountain state fugitive task force, teacher at the state police academy, worked with the FBI and the Department of Justice, champion for education programs like street drug awareness, and hidden in plain sight.

Sistersville Police Department, Chief Rob Haught said, “You can feel free to just walk into the school and go have a cup of coffee with the principal. Everybody knows you, all the business owners, I can walk my dog up to the bank drive-thru and they all give him a treat.”

Even though the city is small they are fighting a big city problem, drugs.

Inspired to make a difference he purchased and trained the first K9 narcotics officer in the county, his then partner Mowser.

“He turned out to be one of the best K9 officers in the state,” said Haught.

After Mowser passed he’s not stopping, he is training a new partner, Thor.

Haught said, “You get to see the fruits of your labor in other words. If you get to help take somebody you get to see that, if you get to take somebody off the street that needs to get taken off the street you get to see that as well.”

When he hangs up Thor’s leash and heads home every night t’s the little things he does for others that are the reward.

“There’s some great people here in Sistersville, and that’s what’s rewarding about, I can try to make this a safer place, better place to raise your kids,” said Haught.

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