An officer born and raised in Wetzel County leads the pack and it was all thanks to his wife for encouraging him to follow his dreams.

The role of Chief was in the family, New Martinsville Police Chief, Tim Cecil decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps leaving Ormet to run for the Chief position 15 years ago.

“It’s nice to get up every morning and love what you do,” said Chief Cecil.

His passion is New Martinsville is serving even when he’s off duty, to make the city the best it can be.

“My best friend’s son died of an overdose, it really hit me hard. We chased him around, chased him around got him in jail, got him clean, had him clean for a year and a half, he had a breakdown and overdosed.Drugs are our biggest issues, meth, has really taken over now. Most of the crime that we have is related to drugs, they’re breaking into cars, they’re breaking into other things trying to get money, stealing their family jewelry,” Cecil said.

He works right alongside his officers and doesn’t think twice and that is something people respect.

“It’s the people I mean they’re great, I mean they’re always coming up and talking to you.Go to Walmart it takes us four hours to get through Walmart,” Cecil continued.

Chief Cecil is a father of four and his kids and his wife are his world. With every police injury and fatality, the dangers of the job hit closer to home.

“My wife won’t go to sleep until I’m home if it’s like 2 in the morning she’s up until I’m home. My wife has to deal with a lot of stuff that I come home with you know she’ll know if I’ve had a bad day by my mood, and I’ve got real good backing from my family, they’re always there for me,” said Cecil.

The Chief has a special thankfulness and a message for her today.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife, Maureen.”

A proud police family stands behind him, a city that respects him, and hardworking officers beside him; he’s already filed again for the chief’s position. It’s a job he says he’ll never take for granted.

“I really work hard with this department, work hard for this town, they support, us, I mean it’s nice, they’re always thanking us, I love it here,” said Cecil.