At just 25 years old the youngest Barnesville Councilman also puts his life on the line everyday at the firehouse.

Working at the biggest Belmont County Department the Cumberland Trail Fire District Jamie Betts is going above and beyond to make the community a better place.

When he puts on his gear at the Cumberland Trail fire district Jamie Betts has one mission.

Firefighter, Paramedic, Cumberland Trail Fire District, Jamie Betts said,  “I like helping people, and by doing that I like getting the younger generation involved and hopefully they will help people too.”

As husband and father Jamie has a family to get home to.

But he tells me he also has a family inside the firehouse one that’s inspired him to start a huge fundraiser for local kids with cancer.

“A lieutenant here Chad Zambori his son Leo was diagnosed with Leukemia a couple of years ago and that’s something that kind of hits home for us,” said Betts.

On Saturday at the Ohio Valley mall Jamie and his union chapter got some new haircuts.

Betts said, “So far I believed we’ve raised about $11,000 for St. Baldrick’s, there was a young girl who shaved her head, so that’s why we’re all bald, its really touching to see people who are willing to show that commitment to childhood cancer research.”

Those moments he tells me are some of his proudest on the department but after years inside the truck and the ambulance he’s had his share of tough memories too.

“People think that firemen can handle anything, a lot of stuff that does happen we do take home, tragedies happen and we’re not immune to mental health issues,” said Betts.

Even during the hard calls Jamie said it’s the people in Belmont county that keep him motivated.

Betts said, “And that’s why I like staying close to home, I mean there’s always the possibility that you could move far away but you don’t know people, it’s always nice helping people that you know.”

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