If you’re familiar with Buckeye Local Schools, you might recognize this officer as a Panther Football equipment manager and Super Fan.

You might also recognize him as your students’ Prevention Resource Officer. He’s been hard at work at every school in Buckeye Local’s district since 2013.

For students at Buckeye Local it’s another day at school.

For Officer Roe, it’s another day to make a difference.

“I had 39-and-a-half years in the mill and this came up, I could be doing nothing,” said Roe.

He’s at school every morning before everyone else: checking the doors, hallways, directing traffic and making coffee.

“I knew some of these kids when they were this big. Good kids, a bunch of good kids, we’ve got way more good kids than bad kids,” said Roe.

One of those good kids is 11th grader Trent, who never misses a handshake with his buddy.

“He gave me a badge, he gets me all sorts of stuff,” said Trent.

Through animal crackers and an open door, he’s built trust with the students.

“If a kid needs something, they want to get a bag of potato chips or they want to get a pop or something I’ll give them money for it,” said Roe.

That’s the reason kids feel comfortable confiding in him about bullying, drug use, suicidal thoughts, even issues at home.

“Sometimes when these kids come to school — that’s their safe haven,” Roe said.

He’s the first to admit that school is different now than when he was there, which makes his job even more important.

“You’ve got to take the threat seriously, it’s not a joke anymore and make the parents know, he’s going to be there if something happens,” said Roe.

Despite the differences, for him, the principle is the same: be fair and help everyone you can.

“If we can help one or two students to look forward to something better, it helps them out,” said Roe.

Officer Roe plans to retire in two years and enjoy time with his wife and grandkids.