After 20 years on the job and standing at 6 foot 3, it’s hard to be undercover in his role as a detective for the Moundsville Police Department.

Sergeant Don DeWitt said that’s not a bad thing.

Bringing justice for those familiar faces in Moundsville is the reason he is passionate about his job.

After working for years on the road it was during his last years at Moundsville Police that Sergeant DeWitt found a new passion, investigations.

“Hit the place and nobody sees anything but, somehow you find a piece of property and find out where it was pawned, or you here a rumor, you follow up, or you get some video from some other source and you identify and get them arrested that’s pretty satisfying,” said DeWitt.

Looking through rooms full of evidence at the station he’s spent hours pouring over, he’s proud of the justice he’s served even if that meant an arrest.

DeWitt said, “If I can put somebody away for a crime they committed and they’re away from drugs, maybe they can get help.”

One story sticks out in particular.

“A lady came over to me and says Sergeant DeWitt and I said yes ma’am she says, can I give you a hug? And I was like why on earth would you want to do that? And she said you saved my life, and I said I don’t remember that at all. And she said you arrested me for drugs, after you arrested me I cleaned my act up and I haven’t touched it since,” said DeWitt.

Humble and soft spoken as he is, he won’t admit that he’s helped countless people in Moundsville, he’d just call it hard work

DeWitt said, “I’ve put away some people that needed it, or deserved it, I think I’ve helped a lot of victims. Hopefully I made Moundsville a better place, and hopefully I can make another community a better place as well.”

Sergeant DeWitt said even though he is retiring from Moundsville, he’s not ready to be done in law enforcement.

He will start with McMechen Police next month.