Honor the Badge

HONOR THE BADGE: The Subasic Family

For the Subasics, the fire service is a part of their family. It started with their grandmother who served on the Bridgeport women's auxiliary, and now has three active members protecting the village. Fighting fires is second nature for the family. 

Krystin Subasic and her brother Joey said becoming volunteer firefighters was never if -- it was when.

"He'd run out when the pager ran and I was like I want to go. I want to see what it is," Krystin said. 

They laugh remembering their Dad radio into a scene referring to himself as P1 and the kids, P1 and a half. 

"They'd grab their shoes and coat and head to the car and they would head with me," their dad Mark, now the Bridgeport Fire Chief and a paramedic said. 

41 years ago, Mark followed his brother in joining the department. His brother and sister in law were on the force too. He was a charter member of the Bridgeport Emergency Squad, and is known for saving lives across the village.

Answering 75 percent of calls, Mark said his favorite memories are alongside his kids.

"We had a house full of smoke so he put the air pack on and had the mask and everything and he was going through the house and I was just following behind him and I get to the door frame and I just stopped and leaned into the door frame and let him go and the next thing I know he went 'Dad, Dad, Dad!' He started screaming and I was like I'm two feet behind you," Mark laughed. 

Their jobs as volunteers have weaved their way into almost every part of their lives.
For Joey, it's leadership as an assistant principal; for Mark a legacy as he teaches his grandson about the job; and for Krystin a future with her soon to be husband, also a volunteer firefighter in Martins Ferry.

"I know the kind of firefighter he is, he's very proactive, so I do worry, and I worry about him when I can't be on scene to watch him you know it's stressful," Krystin said. 

Their family at the department, not just the members with the same last name on their uniforms, keeps them committed to being there even during the dangerous times.

"So I'm really thankful to have had the fire service help mold me not from 18 on but from birth on," Joey said. 

But it's tradition that sets the Subasic's apart. 

"Oh yeah, I'm real proud of these guys," Mark said. 

Mark said he was honored to be awarded the Belmont County Fire and Squad Officers lifetime achievement award in March. 

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