WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The greater Wheeling community showed up in numbers at Temple Shalom to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community after those terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israel. 

Clergy members from the community – Bishop Mark Brennan, Reverend Chris Figaretti, Reverend Ken Hardway, and Reverend Erica Harley – stood by Rabbi Joshua Lief and prayed for those Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans who are suffering. 

***“All of us who believe in freedom are under attack right now, not just Israel” – Local Rabbi reacts to Israeli attacks (wtrf.com)***

The goal of tonight was to stand up against this hatefulness and come together to show support. 

”This affects us all. The truth is that the Israelis were attacked by Hamas terrorists because they are Jewish and an attack on people because of their faith anywhere in the world is an attack on all people of faith everywhere in the world. So, I’m very honored that we live in a community here in Wheeling with such warm and supportive relationships across religious boundaries.”

Rabbi Joshua Lief – Temple Shalom, Wheeling

”It does show that people of different religions can band together for their righteous cause. And that’s important. That’s an important statement for our country. There’s so much division in our country right now. But it’s important. People of faith can stand together on important matters. What matters is standing up for what’s right and good and supporting one another.”

Bishop Mark Brennan – Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Rabbi Lief said that one former Wheeling resident was living in Gaza and is unaccounted for at this time. 

Although this is happening across the world, those locally are mourning cousins, family, and friends. 

In the words of Bishop Brennan, “peace is founded on justice,” and that message was echoed and expanded on by everyone praying for this war to end.