Italian Festival scholarship dinner held

On Wednesday night during an annual dinner, the Italian Festival committee passed out thousands of dollars in scholarship money to 12 area high school students.

Also during the dinner, the board announced the 2018 Italian-American of the Year and that person is Wellsburg native, turned Wheeling resident, Richard Lucas.

Lucas is the C.E.O. of Main Street Bank.

Organizers of the event said there are some changes in store for the 36th year starting with a new sponsor.

The event is now known as the Undo's Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival.

Italian Festival Board, Chairwoman, Ali Bonomo said, "That's to all of the schools around in both Ohio and West Virginia, so $12,000 goes a long way, especially when you go to college. I've been apart of come scholarship banquets this past week and it's just great to see the kids and their planning their future and we're able to help support them."

Senior High School Student, The Linsly School, Nate Rush said, "It's a great honor to receive this generous gift. It's allowing me to fulfill dreams of both playing baseball in college and attending the college that I'd love to attend."

The committee handed out a whopping $12,000 in scholarships Wednesday night.

The Undo's Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival will take place July 27, 28, and 29.


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