WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – As the days inch closer to spring, many across the Ohio Valley are anticipating warmer temperatures and an opportunity to do some spring cleaning in their homes.

According to Top-Notch Cleaneing, this is the perfect time of the year to deep clean your residence.

Spring also marks the busiest season for many cleaning services and Top-Notch Cleaning is getting all hands on deck.

A lot of times, we’ll have folks stripping down the curtains and bed and taking it to the cleaners to be serviced and cleaned. But I think the biggest thing to start with is, before even we come in, is to try to de-clutter. You’d be amazed what washing things down — getting a bucket of Murphy’s oil and warm sudsy water and wash down cabinetry and baseboards does. You do that with some carpet cleaning and baseboard cleaning and you could freshen things up pretty quick.

Austin Straub, owner – Top-Notch Cleaning

Top-Notch is a big fan of Magic Erasers and suggest a simple mixture of a small amount of Tide, peroxide and hot water works really well on filthy tubs or refrigerators.

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