A man who has made an incredible impact on the lives of so many people, children, in particular, is being honored with the annual Chambers YMCA Light of the Valley award, Wednesday.

That man is Jay Adams. Adams is the mastermind behind the Wheeling Soccer Club that was formed in 1987.

He’s also been instrumental in the C3 Soccer Camp that has given free soccer lessons to some 6,000 kids in its 15 years of existence. In all, Adams strives to promote healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.

“You do not go through life saying ‘Well, if I do this, this will happen’, you know, you just do. It’s a great honor. The people who have gone before me are just beacons in the community, I’m a small flashlight, but I’m very grateful for it,” Adams said.

The Annual Chambers YMCA Light of the Valley luncheon will take place Wednesday at noon at Wheeling Park’s White Palace.