With 20/20 vision… What would you have done differently in 2020?


Maybe you were the one that made the toilet paper isle bare... Or you didn't jump on the bandwagon fast enough.

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — As we anxiously embrace the new year, resolutions might sound more like… ‘Let’s not repeat 2020′ … But it’s important to learn from our past. 

So we asked the 7NEWS Crew; In hindsight, given what we know *now* with 20/20 vision, what would you have done differently this past chaotic year? 

The biggest thing I would have done differently is buy the stock market when it tanked. A bunch of people made a bunch of money and I made none of it. Also, I would have cut down on my DoorDash orders.

Steve Moore, 7NEWS Anchor

We found new ways to shop… until we couldn’t stop. A shutdown longer than just two weeks… We were in for a long haul.   

I would spend a little less on online shopping. The first few months I was like ‘Ok, this this is just something to entertain me.’ And then it kept going… and my bank account kept getting smaller and smaller but I had a lot of stuff so… 

Victoria Donatelli, 7Sports Reporter

Still purchased a bunch of hand sanitizer but probably not the expensive Bath and Bodyworks stuff… Probably just bought the regular stuff instead.

Aaron Myler, 7NEWS Meteorologist

Some of us were stuck at home longer than we liked, where some pre-pandemic lessons would have come in handy…. 

I would have gone in for some dog obedience classes. Being quarantined with some very unruly individuals this winter has made me crazy, and it made them crazy too. Dog obedience classes. 

DK Wright, 7NEWS Reporter

We started savoring the things we used to take for granted; That trip to the pool, sitting down in a restaurant… Yes, even wanting to go to class. Those family dinners became a little more special and hugs; few and far between. But, 2020 made us realize, there’s no guarantee we’ll have tomorrow.  

I wish I could have traveled more and spent more time with my dog Dallas. Unfortunately, Dallas left this earth yesterday after 11 years. And I just think that’s a lesson to learn to do more things you want and spend more time with the ones you love.

Karen Compton, 7NEWS Web Producer

With 20/20 vision, you might see more clearly your path into 2021. Or like the philosophy of some, hear no evil, see no evil.  

I’ve already begun the memory deletion process. Like one of those ‘Men In Black’ lasers. It’s kind of what I want to do for 2020… So, I can’t give you anything.

Colin Roose, 7NEWS Producer, Reporter

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