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Community helps local 12-year-old with rare, undiscovered disease


UPDATE (10/15/19, 7:35PM) – After airing Breonna’s touching story last night, the response from the community was amazing. So, her mom wanted to reach back out today to say thank you.

After her story aired, it was shared across the valley, and in less than 12 hours, they reached their GoFundMe goal of $3,000. They also had a great turn out from their event held last night at Undo’s in Elm Grove. She says they brought in over $400 from the food sales alone. But there are still expenses that were left unaccounted for.

She says the medical bill that will come from the Mayo will surpass that amount as well as the other odds and ends that come with travelling. If you would like to donate to Breonna and her family, so she can receive the best care possible you can do so through her GoFundMe.


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)- A Wheeling woman is asking for your help to get her twelve-year-old daughter to what she says is the best medical team in the country.

Breonna Davis is a fighter and she has been since the day she was born. Breonna has lived a major part of her life in the hospital, and after years of tests- they have no answer for why her health is getting worse.

I’ve never asked for help in 12 years, and now I need help

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

The help she needs is money to get her daughter to the Mayo Clinic.

Breonna is a twelve-year-old fighter from Wheeling.

And she’s now facing a mother’s worst fear-a disease that’s almost killed her twice.

It’s been rough going to Pittsburgh and back all the time. That’s her home. Pittsburgh is her home team. So, we have to travel back and forth all the time

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

Sixteen-that’s the number of medical problems Breonna is facing. And that list has left Breonna and her mother with no place to turn.

Her disease is unheard of.



Leaving her in stage two liver failure-with no answers.

So, after years of doctor after doctor-her mom says she’s turning to the Mayo Clinic for answers.

I called 16 days in a row. Finally, on the 16th day, I called, and they said “Hey, we have a cancellation.” So, November 5th was the cancellation and I jumped on it and took it right away. But it’s just hard with no insurance paying for us to go

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

Over the past twelve years- she says she’s fought appeal after appeal and been denied.

My second appeal was denied. I have to file for a grievance. Well, the grievance isn’t going to happen before I leave on the 5th because it takes two weeks to do it. Which means I have to go sit Infront of a board of all retired doctors and nurses and the owners and ask them and beg them to let my daughter go to the Mayo Clinic.

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

But that isn’t stopping her. She says Breonna will be in Minnesota on November 5th. No matter what.

I’m going. I don’t care what it takes. My baby’s going. She deserves that. She deserves something. She deserves an answer. I need to get it for her because I feel helpless. I can’t do anything for her. And this is the one thing I can do. I just need help

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

So, she’s looking to the community for help. So her little girl won’t have to have her liver replaced.

She never complains about anything. Ever. Like needles, she gets bloodwork every two weeks. She gets needles, biopsies, surgeries and she never ever complains about anything. So, she’s my hero. That’s the best way I can describe her.

Raquel Davis- Breonna’s Mom

Raquel has set up a GoFundMe page, and two fundraisers to raise enough money to fly her to the Mayo clinic and pay for the down payment on the bill.

She says she will have to spend three extra days there so that every doctor who wants to see why Breonna is such a mystery to medicine.

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