Medical marijuana is officially legal in Ohio and Wintersville is home to one of the state’s first dispensaries.

Cresco Labs is just a few days away from opening their doors, and 7News got a sneak peak.

Inside the new dispensary, you’ll find pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana.

The products come in all different forms such as sprays, pills and edibles.

Officials confirm these dosages are regulated like any other medications would be. 

They said people suffering from cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD and Crohn’s disease are all possible qualifiers in the state of Ohio.

“We are here for the patients and to provide relief. Our staff has received in-depth training on listening to what patients’ needs are. They’re also very aware of the conditions that are qualifying and how to treat them with medical marijuana,” said Jordan Kurtz, executive vice president of retail operations. 

Now, a process is required to obtain medical marijuana. 

Kurtz said you have to fill out an online application and visit a qualified doctor for a prescription.

Then, you must visit the dispensary to meet with a representative.

From there, you can work on your particular needs.