Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) — It’s a bike ride not just to get you in shape. But it’s sparking positive change in the community when it comes to fellowship and physical and mental health. 

And off they go, pedaling for positive change in the community all in one group: led by Men of Change.

“I love that we can be a group that kind of started under adverse conditions that can branch out to community health and community bonding.”

Ron Scott Jr., Men of Change member

Riding alongside Men of Change are Casa for Children, Wheeling police officers, and locals, all kicking off a health and wellness campaign.

This’ll be the first of many. Together, they’ll get in shape and stay healthy, but that togetherness is what the biking is really all about.

“The message is to get out, meet your neighbors, be a part of your community.”

ron Scott Jr., Men of Change member

“It’s really exciting to see these guys get together and make some positive change in the community.”

kristen Paynter, Casa for Children

They’re pedaling from Heritage Port to 48th street and back, and as they bike, they encourage others to do the same.

“This is just a way to make the community aware that we are out here, trying to encourages others to come out and ride and get healthy.”

joseph Sparksman, Men of Change President

“If you have a bike and you want to ride, please come down. We would love the company.”

ron Scott Jr., Men of Change member

Which means you won’t have to bike by yourself, but in fellowship with your community. So, you too are invited be a part of the change.

Bikers of all skill sets are welcome, whether you bike recreationally or competitively.

The next bike ride is next Saturday morning at 11 at Heritage Port, and once every week after that. All you need to bring is a bike.