Moundsville family is building a tiny house apartment complex with storage containers

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) - If and when the ethane cracker comes to the Ohio Valley, there will be a huge influx of workers needing a place to live.

So one Moundsville man, his wife and his two brothers are building an apartment complex out of storage containers.

Scott Lehasky is a retired ironworker.

On the job, he has seen these storage containers used as tool sheds, snack shacks and changing rooms.

So he's going to turn them into tiny apartments.

On the outside, they're metal boxes.

On the inside, each one is a complete home with table and chairs, cabinets and closets, a queen size bed, a huge flat screen TV and a computer desk for work or gaming.

"A great big bath, four-foot shower, kitchenette," said Lehasky. "We're trying to make it like an ultimate man cave or lady lair, whatever you want to call it."

Something he heard recently got Lehasky's attention.

"This area will need an additional 5,000 RV slots and 10,000 apartments to handle the influx of workers in the next two to three years," he related.

These storage containers started out life on a ship.

"Cargo ships across the ocean, this is what they were designed for," he explained. "They bring goods from other countries over to here."

But after they are de-commissioned, they are up for sale.

He says they're airtight, watertight and insulated, like living inside a Yeti cooler.

There will be 48 to 54 units, stacked two stories high, each with a covered porch.

Unit 13 will be a combination laundry and vending room.

"The vending machines will even have safety glasses, work gloves, Monster drinks--whatever you need for the day," he added. "And a couple TVs so you can watch the ball game while you're doing your laundry."

He says when people walk in, they say "Wow," and that's just what he's aiming for.

They are located at 13 Ash Avenue, Moundsville.

The first one will be ready to rent on Monday.

They are called the High Cube Apartments.

Anyone interesting in renting one or taking a look can call Scott Lehasky at (304) 830-0390.

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